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Custom Projects

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Picture of the crate for CATAN
Box for the Game
Picture of the underside of the game crate's lid
Box Lid Underside
Pictures of the Tiles for Building Costs, Longest Road & Largest Army
Tiles for Building Costs, Longest Road & Largest Army
Picture of Harbor and Sea tiles
Harbor and Sea Tiles
Picture of a Harbor Tile
Harbor Tile
Picture of the main Main Tiles
Resource Tiles
Picture of Number Tiles
Number Tiles
Picture of the Crate for Small Pieces
Box for Tiny Pieces
Picture of the Inside View of the Small Crate with Cities, Settlements and Roads
Inside View of the Small Box with Cities, Settlements and Roads
Picture of Cards

Wooden Catan

This custom project was made for a Catan enthusiast.

Material: birch plywood

– a wooden box for the game with an engraved lid
– wooden hexagonal tiles with holes for wooden number tiles
– wooden hexagonal tiles for harbors and sea
– wooden hand-painted city, settlement and road pieces
– a wooden box for aforementioned tinier game pieces
– wooden tiles for building costs, and awards for the longest road and the largest army
– a wooden black Robber piece and two dice
– minicard sized Catan card pack


Trivets with a laser cut map of a dear or nostalgic location.

Material: birch plywood

Cutting Board front
Rear corner view of the Cutting Board
Corner detail view of the Cutting Board

Cutting Boards

Cutting boards with an engraving of a scene from Havana, Cuba as a memento of a recent trip.
Note – Havana is spelt Havanna in German

Material: sapele mahogany


Tileholders with detachable and easily storageable feet/supports for games such as Triomino, Rummy/Rummikub.

Material: film faced birch plywood

Custom Tabletop Game

A Swiss tabletop game that was made as a gift.

Material: birch plywood